What if I told you that YOUR business
could be featured on your local news station,
in a nationally syndicated newspaper
or even a glossy magazine?

(Here's a spoiler for the rest of this page)
it absolutely CAN.

Does this sound familiar?
Have you been feeling:

Frustrated that other small businesses seem to be gaining media coverage?

Annoyed because you don’t know where to begin with securing your own coverage?

Overwhelmed because you can’t afford public relations services but know you need the help and strategy?

Stuck because, honestly, you don’t know the first thing about working with journalists?

Defeated because you know if you could just tell your story, the media (and customers) would be running to your front door?

If you have answered yes to some or all of these, then you’re in the right place. 

The Truth is:
  you don’t have a plan to gain visibility and it’s causing you to be overlooked by the media.

Imagine if you could ...

Dramatically increase the visibility of your business by securing free media coverage!

Easily communicate your story to media in a compelling way to gain their attention!

Distinguish yourself as the go-to source for journalists when they are talking about your industry!

Get more customers without additional advertising!

Have a solid plan to communicate the right thing, at the right time to the right audience!

Introducing The Public Relations Playbook

 A 5-week course to help entrepreneurs and small business owners create a solid, repeatable public relations plan to gain visibility in the media and more clients through the door. 

This is the same system I’ve used in my 7 years as a corporate PR professional to secure more than 500 media placements for my clients. 

Before, I was just like you. ​

Frustrated that my client’s competitors were getting the media coverage that my clients deserved. 

Defeated because I knew if I could just tell my client’s story, the media would be begging for interviews.

So, I changed my strategy. Experimented with different ideas...and guess what happened?

I established my clients as the go-to resources and thought leaders in their respective industries.

I built relationships with journalists from all over the world (seriously I’ve had coffee, lunch and dinner with journalists from Australia, China, France, Germany, India and more) and learned what they are looking for in a story.

I devised plans and strategies that work no matter a client’s industry.

I taught clients, colleagues and interns the secret to securing media coverage.

I can easily understand the best angles for my clients and how they should communicate them to media and customers.

"Ok...but you are a PR Pro, what about everyone else? How can a small business owner without a background in public relations do what you’ve done?"


The short answer is:

You need a playbook to help you navigate your story and how you plan to tell it. 

Module 1: What is a Public Relations Plan?

  • Learn the foundation of creating a solid public relations plan

  • Understand what is included in a public relations plan 

  • Discover the strategic planning process


Module 2: Define Your Message and Audience

  • Understand your current situation and decide if it’s a problem or opportunity

  • Figure out who you want to reach

  • Decide what you want to communicate


Module 3: Refine Your Goals and Objectives

  • What does your business want “to be”?

  • Learn to set SMART objectives to achieve your goals.

  • How do you plan to achieve your objectives?


Module 4: Execute Your Plan

  • Devise a timeline to meet your objectives

  • Learn how to effectively measure your progress

  • Create the materials you need to communicate with media


Module 5: Your Personal Playbook

  • Your final public relations playbook!

The Public Relations Playbook is for small business owners:

  • Who have not had experience with media before, but want media attention.

  • Who know they want public relations, but don’t know exactly what PR is.

  • Who don’t have the thousands of dollars to retain a public relations professional on a monthly basis.

The Public Relations Playbook is NOT for small business owners:

  • Who want quick results and aren’t interested in learning the WHY and HOW of the planning process.

  • Who don’t want to invest the time in learning best practices to create a solid public relations plan.

  • Who don’t plan to complete the course, but expect to see results.

Planning + Guidance = Success

That’s the formula you’ve been missing, plain and simple. 


If You’re Ready to Get Your Business Noticed,

I Can Fast Track Your Success…


With my signature coaching program, you can start gaining the media attention you deserve.